The idea of Moseanic, a new sustainable material, was born in the summer of 2019 on the Greek island of Crete. While enjoying our holidays, we discovered that every “paradise like” remote Cretan beach we visited, is polluted with micro and macro plastic. We have been a part of a team organising clean up actions which for sure are important and necessary, but we also wanted to approach the problem by developing a design driven solution.

The first challenge we tackled, is developing a methodology for collecting waste ocean macro plastics found on the beaches, hidden in the sand, between rocks, etc., working with environmental NGOs and local communities.
The second challenge we faced was finding a way to reuse the plastic that has been damaged by the sea, sun and salt. We found a solution by developing a material that we call MOSEANIC.

Moseanic is:

  • Mineral based, dilutable in water if not protected
  • Non toxic and non-allergic
  • Needs no additional energy for curing
  • Reusable - it can be grinded and reused again
  • Plastic particles are being collected in Mediterranean by local communities
  • Delivers new vibrant aesthetics, is visually unique and can be tinged creating colour scales


MOSEANIC Dine is a set of two ergonomically designed geometric plates that can be placed into various compositions. The set is made of locally produced mineral base (Kamnik, Slovenia) and micro and macro marine plastic from the shores of the Adriatic sea. While designing this set in collaboration with a Slovenian chef Jakob Pintar, we have been thinking about the ritual of dining. Are we - as users- willing to create new habits, accept new shapes, functionalities and even new materials? Can the ritual of dining be also an opportunity to co-create and share? Can we add value to a material that has been once discarded and is now being seen as trash?
All the Moseanic products are being produced by hand, locally, using the plastic waste that has been collected during volunteer cleanup actions in Greece (Crete), Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

For us these plastic pieces have a great value. They have been carefully collected, sorted and cleaned. They have seen the world, traveled hundreds of kilometers, been influenced by the sun, sea, salt and wind and have special esthetics. Through our project they got a second life and even more importantly - they have not ended up at sealife or/and our food chain.

MOSEANIC Dine is a part of Design Dining project supported by MAO Ljubljana, Museum of Architecture and Design, Centre for Creativity under the auspices of EU Distributed Design Market Platform

Material: mineral composite, micro and macro plastics from Adriatic sea, plant based (vax) varnish, food safe protection coating.
Dimensions: irregular shapes the max measure: 12x17 cm, hight: 2 cm, 13x16 cm, hight:1 cm
Designed by: Lučka Berlot, Ági Göb
Year of design: 2021

Price: 50 EUR


MOSEANIC Tide is our first product concept in the luminaire category, which is a 60 cm diameter circle shaped lamp, consisting of a layered LED light source hidden in an aluminum rim, giving light of different intensity and properties on its two surfaces; due to the adjustable tilt angle, a custom light setting can be achieved to suit the space and the needs of the user.

Tide is the first product in the MOSEANIC collection. Since we are both very sensitive about the lighting in our interiors, we decided to design a lamp which is not only decorative and eye-catching but also provides high quality light with positive effect on people's wellbeing and overall atmosphere in the indoors life.

Moseanic Tide development was supported by the WORTH PARTNERSHIP PROJECT.

Material: mineral composite, micro and macro plastics from Adriatic sea,
aluminium ring, recycled plexiglass, LED stripe.
Dimensions: radius 60 cm
Designed by: Lučka Berlot, Ági Göb
Year of design: 2020


We are an interdisciplinary design-driven research team.

Ági Göb is a product designer, who led and took part in a wide range and scale of design processes, like small sized objects & packages, public urban space & outdoor elements, co-found a start-up about a modular furniture system for millennials and a tattoo automat brand for social gatherings. She graduated as a product and open space designer, has studied and worked in several EU countries and is currently based in Budapest.

Lučka Berlot is a designer, educator and craftswoman from Slovenia. She is a professor of Fine Art, passionate about sculpture, design and light. Her interest led her into specialization in the field of lamp & lighting design. She has been studying lighting design at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and at the Lighting Engineering Society of Slovenia. Nowadays she is focused on developing sustainable products following the principles of circular economy.


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